Austrian Dairy Association

The Austrian Dairy Association (VÖM) was founded in 1994 in the legal form of an association. Its purpose as an economic union is to represent the interests of the Austrian Dairy Industry in Austria as well as in the European Union and in international organisations dealing with dairy issues. As a link between economic interests of the dairy sector and administration, politics and science, VÖM operates on various levels and in a broad field.

The managing board of the Austrian Dairy Association currently consists of the President Helmut Petschar, Vice-President Josef Braunshofer and Managing Director Johann Költringer.

With a turnover of about 2.95 billion EURO, the dairy sector belongs to the most important branches of the Austrian Food Industry. The processing and marketing of its high quality products guarantees the income of the mostly small structured production entities.

Members of VÖM are the large Austrian dairy companies of the cooperative and privat sector, which market more than 90 % of the Austrian milk used for processing.

In 1995, when Austria joined the European Union, VÖM became a full member of the European Dairy Association (EDA). In order to guarantee an optimal flow of information between EDA and VÖM the structure of the EDA-working groups was adopted within VÖM for its product- and expert groups. VÖM is also member of Eucolait, the european dairy trade organisation.

The expert groups consist of representatives of the companies with membership, who elect a chairperson amongst them. The chairperson of the group arranges the meetings and will either participate in person in the EDA-working groups or be replaced by a VÖM-representative from the Brussel's based EU-Office.

VÖM has its headquaters in Vienna. The VÖM-Office is located in the Austrian Raiffeisen Association, which VÖM became a member of in 1996.